This is a list of some of the resources that I’ve found useful. As might be expected it is biased towards my home town of Brisbane

Tool suppliesCarbatecGood range of wood carving and many other types of wood working power and hand tools and supplies
TeachingRhada PedersenRhada teaches mostly figurative carving - he's a good teacher and I learned a lot from him about tools and techniques.
Tool SuppliesWood turning suppliesAs the name indicates - mostly for woodturners, but a useful local source for other materials such as end grain sealers
Tool supplies ArbortechGood range of power carving and sanding tools
Tool suppliesLee ValleyExtensive range of Veritas and other high quality tools. Canadian, but good online service and great paper catalogue
BookIan Norbury 1Carving Classic Female Faces - clear sequential instructions from a master carver
BookIan Nobury 2Carving Classic Female Figures - clear sequential instructions from a master carver
Book Chris PyeComprehensive coverage of tools and techniques
BookGiseler MoroderGood staged instructions on head carving with useful advice on preliminary block work and clay modelling
Teaching David FisherClear instructions on how to hand carve greenwood from a master craftsman. He makes it look far easier than it is.
TeachingIan Norbury 3Examples of his carvings, links to his books and DVD, some in electronic downloads
Wood suppliesMaleny Wood ExpoIn early May each year. A good place to buy wood but many other wood work supplies, tools + useful demonstrations
Wood suppliesBrisbane Wood ShowIn mid May each year - other states at other times A good place to buy wood & many other wood work supplies, tools + useful demonstrations
Tool suppliesPfeilSwiss manufacturer of high quality carving tools. Carbatec is Australian distributor
Tool suppliesMcJingWide range of engineering and woodworking tools. Lower prices than many other suppliers
Teaching Rob HowardExcellent Brisbane fine woodworker, carver and teacher of these skills