I’ve always enjoyed working with wood, but never did much serious carving until I retired from work as a medical specialist in 2011. My wife Lucy, who had taken up oil painting after she retired as a GP several years earlier (www.lucywardart.com) , and who has had several successful exhibitions, set me quite a challenge when she suggested we join forces – which we did in a our first combined exhibition called  “2 and 3 Dimensions” at the Graydon Gallery in 2013. Our 4th joint exhibition was held from the 4th-7th May 2021 at the Richard Randall Studio at Mount Cootha. Images of the works that were on show can be seen here  and a selection of Lucy’s paintings  here

The purpose of this site is partly to show some of my work, and partly to describe some of the things I’ve learned along the way.  Like most beginners, I’ve often taken advantage of the generosity of other woodworkers who share their knowledge via the web and I thought I should put something back into the pool. So the Workshop Notes page is blog mostly about tools and techniques that others may find useful. It also has a few entries about how various pieces took shape. The Resources page is just an ordered list of some of the sites that I have found useful as suppliers of wood and tools or sources of valuable information or inspiration.