Frequently asked questions

  • Where do you sell your work ?
    • All the pieces shown on the gallery pages have been sold at exhibitions or on commission. I often get asked to make new versions – especially of the twig vases and platters, which seem to be popular  as gifts – especially for travelers abroad wanting to give something Australian.  In between exhibitions I am kept pretty busy with commissions. If you are interested in having a piece made that is similar to something on the site please use the contact page to tell me what you would like. Remember that no two pieces of wood are the same, so it will never look exactly the same – nor should it – that’s the part of the pleasure of hand carved wood.
  • Where do you get the wood ?
    • A lot comes from Tasmanian and I usually stock up at the annual Maleny and Brisbane wood shows from Trevor Gaskell and other suppliers – see resources page.
  • How do you do the inlays ?
    • They are first drawn up on the wood, carved with small v-chisels and lino-cut gouges, filled with a mixture of powdered metals or soft stone such as malachite or turquoise and adhesives, and then sanded and polished.
  • Can the twig vases be used for live specimens ?
    • Yes – at least in those I’ve made recently as I provide a glass tube insert that can be filled with water